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Today's Tarot Advice ~ confront your demons and choose love

7+24+2018= XV Devil & VI Lovers!The spread is Devil then the Lovers so let’s consider the Devil card first. Reading the symbols:Phallic Silhouette, all except the top, what is happening instead of what we are used to seeing there? It looks like a cosmic gateway!In an advice reading, the Devil may be suggesting that you confront your demons. What are you addicted to or obsessed with? By facing and naming the issue, you can begin the process of untangling yourself.This card can also suggest choosing between the “devil you know versus the one you don’t” if you are seeking guidance about making a decision.There is also an element of “being stuck”, which may say that you’re in a bind for the time being and may need to “give the devil his due.”The Devil may also be pointing out that you’re in a toxic situation and perhaps need to begin looking at how you got there…and how you can get out. Remember, the chains are loose on the figures – a sign that no matter how deep you’re in, there is a way out.Lastly, this may be a call to explore your shadow side. Don’t be afraid to go there – it may be a source of healing.The

Lovers symbolizes an important decision needs to be made. Before making a choice, consult with your higher guidance. Focus on what might be best for all parties involved and choose the path of love.In matters of the heart, the Lovers advises going for it! Whether you are looking to ask someone out – or to request their hand in marriage, this card favors taking initiative. If you are single, seek love – put yourself out there. In a relationship? Then this card advises to do what you can to foster intimacy and harmony.When the Lovers comes up in a work situation, it may be indicating a need for teamwork and communication. Make choices that create a harmonious working situation. Listen to other points of view and bring people together.The Lovers says: make relationships the primary concern. Put others first and try to meet people where they are. The more willing you are to meet others half way, the better your relationships will be. Strong relationships are the key to reaching your goals – make others your priority at this time.

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